Why You Should Use Downlights In Your Bathroom

 Why You Should Use Downlights In Your Bathroom


These days, the popularity of the installation of downlights in the home is on the rise due to their versatility and ability to blend into any space and décor. It is a fixture that smd downlight

houses the globe in the roof and sits flush with the ceiling. One of the rooms that can hugely benefit from downlights is the bathroom, providing that you choose the right spots in the ceiling to install them and the right globes to illuminate the space.

There are a number of benefits for the homeowner when it comes to installing downlights in the bathroom, including:

Ease of installation and removal: modern downlights can easily be installed by pushing them into a suitable-sized hole in the ceiling (where it is secured by clips). This also makes the lights easy to remove should work ever need to be done (to the ceiling itself or to the electrical wires stored in the ceiling).

Range of globes available: these days, downlights can be fitted with halogen or LED globes (which allow for a pretty accurate rendition of our skin tones). These are suitable for both ambient and task lighting, depending on how the fixtures are positioned.

Placement can create effects: some homeowners like the idea of ‘runway lighting’ (the fixtures illuminate a pathway, to the mirror perhaps), which can easily be achieved with the installation of downlights. By positioning your lights at least 3 feet into the room from the edges of the ceiling, you can also avoid the creation of ugly shadows (which it is difficult to do with other fixtures).

Save money on electricity: if you have installed low voltage downlights in your home, you can also enjoy the added benefit of being able to lower your electricity bills. This will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint, perfect for the green homeowner.

Adhere to regulations and guidelines: our bathrooms are subject to a number of regulations and guidelines when it comes to electricity, but downlights (luckily) are able to adhere to all of these, allowing you to make your bathroom as safe as possible.



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