Why the Police Exam is Getting Harder to Pass – The Logical Reasons!

 Why the Police Exam is Getting Harder to Pass – The Logical Reasons!


The Police Test  is Becoming More Difficult to Pass

Police exams are becoming increasingly more difficult to pass because law enforcement agencie먹튀폴리스  are looking for the most capable officers from the candidates that apply. The test they are now using is the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI), which is very similar to the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) used to select the best law school candidates.

The questions used in each examination focus on logic and analytical reasoning, and PATI searches for those with competence in logical thinking and the ability to reason a problem through, rather than candidates that take a knee-jerk reaction to difficult situations. What police departments are looking for are police officers that are able to use their initiative without having to continually seek help with the situations they come across, and the ability to progress quickly through the ranks to a position of authority and responsibility.

There are too many trainee law enforcement officers that can handle the simple situations, but when asked to think a problem through logically are unable to do so; they frequently make the wrong decisions, creating situations that others have to sort out later.

There are many instances where these key skills are necessary in a police officer during the course of their duties. Domestic violence cases, for example, can present a particularly difficult situation for a law enforcement officer to handle. When faced with a wife displaying facial injuries and a husband with a deep cut to his head, three screaming children and the child protective service unavailable for some hours, what do you do?



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