Venomous Spiders in Kentucky

 Venomous Spiders in Kentucky



Most of us don’t like to see spiders. They’re creepy and crawly and often surprise us in our homes. And, as the weather gets cooler, we tend to see more seeking shelter  kentucky evening result  indoors than ever.

Kentucky is home to hundreds of species of spiders. Lucky for us, only two species are typically a real threat to your safety and health: The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. The bites of these spiders can cause serious medical concerns if not treated promptly.

While the chance of coming into contact with a Black Widow is rare, Brown Recluse activity has increased dramatically over the past three years; however, they’re each easily identifiable. The Black Widow can be recognized for their shiny black color and the red hourglass marking on their back, and the Brown Recluse is a large brown or orange spider with a “violin” shaped marking on its back (which is why a popular local term for this species is ‘Fiddler’ spider.)

The best way to avoid contact with spiders is to be aware of their common hiding spots and practice preventative measures. Keep reading to learn more about spider identification and prevention for spiders commonly found in Kentucky.

Identifying Spiders  they have eight jointed legs, two stigmata (body sections), have no wings, have an exoskeleton, they build webs, and they usually have eight eyes. Their unique traits allow them to be easily identifiable, most of the time.

Indeed, what spiders really have on their side is the element of surprise. They can seem to pop up anywhere in your home – on the kitchen counter, on your pillow, in a shower. While they may seem to be indiscriminate in their stealthy approach, they actually prefer certain conditions: warm, dark, undisturbed spaces. This includes attics, closets, garages, storage sheds, window sills, underneath furniture and other less-used spaces. Outside, you may find them in piles of brush and wood, in your garden, and in dense vegetation.

Preventing Spiders

The best way to reduce the chance of coming in contact with any type of spider is by practicing preventive measures. These include:

– Sealing points of entry. Patch up cracks, gaps




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