Unique Ways To Promote Your Nail Salon

 Unique Ways To Promote Your Nail Salon



When it comes to promoting your nail salon, it’s important to find ways to make your business stand out. The more-interesting and eye-catching your advertisements nail salon latham ny, , the better response you’ll receive. Here are some great ideas that could help take your nail salon to the next level.

Punchcards-With a service industry like nail salons, reaching new customers is important but keeping those customers loyal to your salon is essential. Having a customer loyalty card is a great way to keep customers coming back to you when they need nail services. Printing cards with your business information and a special offer that is redeemable after a set number of visits (or a certain amount of money spent) makes customers feel appreciated and encourages them to return.


MAN-icures-These days, men’s grooming services is a booming market, so the nail salon isn’t just for the ladies anymore! Having a promotion or special service that’s just for guys is a great way to tap into a market that up until now has never been reached. Advertise these specials using a window cling on your storefront windows-these are easy to remove if and when you end the promotion, and you can store them for reuse later.


At-Home Nail Parties-Take your business to your customers! Social interaction always leads to good spirits and can be a great way for you to build business. Ask your best customers to consider hosting a nail party with their closest friends, where they can receive your excellent service in the comfort of their own home. Obviously you won’t be able to take all of your equipment, but a simplified service list will still be sufficient, which you can promote using car magnets on your employee vehicles as they drive around town.


Competitions-Part of the sales process for nail salons is selling the competency of your employees, so create a competition to find the best nail design. Encourage your customers to try out new and exciting designs, and photograph them for other customers to view and vote. The winning employee (and customer) could receive a special prize! Create a banner to hang in front of your salon that promotes the contest and encourages people to come inside and cast their vote.



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