The Do’s and Don’ts – For Punters Who Want to Make Consistent Profits From Betfair Betting Exchange

The Do’s and Don’ts – For Punters Who Want to Make Consistent Profits From Betfair Betting Exchange


The world’s leading Internet betting exchange. It was set up in June 2000. Since then, it has been the largest online betting company in UK and the world. At present, It has over 100, 00,000 clienteles and a turnover of more than ¤50million per week. It allows punters to set their own odds rather than the odds set by a bookie or bookmaker. However, as with every online betting exchange, there are several dos and don’ts. which a punter needs to follow to make profit.

The “Dos”
The Dos of Betting exchange sports betting are as follows:

  1. When betting for the first time, begin with a respectable betting bank. Keep a monthly limit of money to bet online and try to maintain the same amount. This is the best way to gain long-term profits through online betting on Betting exchange. Always try having a professional attitude towards planning a bankroll for betting.
    2.      Consider keeping a part of money, which is affordable to invest in betting and will not cause any long-term financial crises. Think of betting only as an entertainment source and not as a monthly income source. The game of betting carries many risks. Punters have to keep a track of the money invested in betting to know whether they are winning or losing.
    3.      There is no point in placing bets in a hurry without proper knowledge. Hence, research a lot before placing bets. This helps in reducing the chances of losing a huge amount of money.
    4.      Place bets for the day and try to stick with them. Try not to return to the same bet with different odds once the bet is lost. Punters have to follow their strategies and staking plans religiously.
    5.      The key to success in Betting exchange sports betting is having ample amount of patience. It is good to be patient and not lose hope even after losing one or two bets. Patience helps to plan better winning strategies.The Don’ts
    The Don’ts of Betting Exchange Sports Betting are as follows:
  2. It is best not to chase losses in sports betting. This is an easy way to lose all the money. There may be plenty of bad days, but the most important point is to maintain discipline. Do not go in for the big bets to cover up for the previous losses.
    2. Punters need to avoid placing bets on something which they do not understand or have small knowledge. There is no need to shift from one sport to another. For instance, if a punter is highly knowledgeable about football betting, it is no use to shift to horseracing.
    3. Do not be greedy, as greediness may ultimately lead to losses. Try to be happy with the amount of money won through sports betting.
    4. Never increase your stakes in case of losing bets. It is of no help and only empties the punter’s bank.

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