The Danger of Cyber Crimes

 The Danger of Cyber Crimes


Computers and internet are the most common tools we use in our daily life. All the important and useful information are found in the computer and internet which can help computercyber Portugal  everyone in any case. However, certain knowledge in this electronic field can also cause some people from becoming the victims of cyber crimes.

Cyber crime is also called computer crime, high tech crime or electronic crime. This type of crime is generally referred to the criminal activity which is caused by the computer or network.

In a broader term, cyber crimes can be divided into THREE main categories:

o Cyber crimes against persons

These illegal activities include transmission, distribution, posting and dissemination of obscene materials such as child pornography and indecent exposure.

o Cyber crimes against property

These criminal activities are referred to computer vandalism. It includes transmission of harmful programs, such as viruses and booby traps that area able to destruct others’ properties. These crimes also cover the unauthorized damaging and deletion of computer data.

o Cyber crimes against government



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