The Business of Movie Theaters: Films or Food?

The Business of Movie Theaters: Films or Food?


Quite recently individuals headed out to the films to, indeed, see the film. Presently maybe the film has become auxiliary to the food and arcade games that most auditoriums have on offer. Montreal, similar to the case in many หนังชนโรง urban communities, had its reasonable portion of cinemas – we didn’t call them films, to us they were cinemas, straightforward – both in the midtown center and in suburbia.


These were regularly intricately planned single-screen theaters showing films consistently and offered early shows on the ends of the week and during school occasions. I review the cost being 75 pennies before seven o’clock when the expense of confirmation shot up to an incredible $1.25! For that regal aggregate film benefactors were blessed to receive an animation – generally a Blake Edwards’Pink Panther short which functioned admirably in Montreal as it very well may be utilized in both French and English performance centers given the absence of discourse – notwithstanding the primary element.


In any case, the cost isn’t the issue; the cost of everything has gone up over the long haul. What has changed is the concentration from film house to all over food and amusement focus. Not throughout the entire that back your affirmation expense got you into the theater to see the film. There were, obviously, lunch rooms where you could purchase soda pops, popcorn, confections and chips. In any case, these were only for comfort in light of the fact that many individuals, maybe most, carried their own snacks to the film. I’m not looking at carrying in booty Twizzlers or Reese’s Pieces, sneaking past attendants who appear as though they need to search film participants. The treats individuals brought to the theater were generally welcome; after all they had paid their affirmation. It was a cinema, not a café – it was a Bring Your Own Food foundation


Film attendees would acquire, transparently and truly, nibble things, for example, a crate of twelve Dunkin’ Donuts and Dairy Queen milkshakes. Others brought submarine sandwiches or even cheeseburgers. A few people even made extraordinary snacks at home and, alongside a bottle of espresso got comfortable to partake in the film and chomp on a ham on rye.


Nowadays the film is just about an untimely idea; when you move beyond the huge range of food on offer at excessive costs and run the array of the umpteen computer games in the entryway, you can at long last settle down to watch the element.


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