HVLP Spray Guns – Atomization Technologies – Part 2

 HVLP Spray Guns – Atomization Technologies – Part 2


Generally, a HVLP firearm is as yet an air splash weapon as it involves air as its essential atomization force. Both HVLP and traditional air shower firearms utilize similar two parts of packed air, tension and volume however in Ak 47 gun various amounts. The strain, which is ordinarily noted as far as pounds per square inch or PSI and volume, which is noted as far as cubic feet each moment, are both fundamental for one or the other weapon to work.


Initially HVLP firearms where intended to utilize incredibly high volumes of CFM that were created by turbines rather than blowers. These turbines conveyed, at times, many CFM however very little strain. To stay cutthroat with the turbine HVLP weapons, the producers of the customary air shower firearms before long sorted out some way to change their weapons over to HVLP utilizing packed air rather than turbine air. Today HVLP weapons are pretty much as normal as the old ordinary firearms.


HVLP innovation demonstrated that assuming you utilized a great deal of volume of air rather than a ton of tension like traditional firearms did, you couldn’t atomize coatings yet additionally do as such more proficiently. The proficiency improvement was generally connected with the way that the atomized paint particles went at a more slow speed than paint particles that were atomized with high pneumatic stress. We allude to this trademark as shower molecule speed. The higher the speed of the paint molecule the lower the productivity would be.


I like to utilize the similarity of a tennis ball and a concrete divider. The paint molecule is illustrative of the atomized paint molecule and the divider addresses the substrate being covered. The harder you toss the ball against the divider, the further the ball ricochets from the divider. During air splash atomization the paint molecule can go at speeds more prominent than 30 feet each second or FPS. Whenever a similar covering is atomized with HVLP innovation, the FPS drops to 10 to 23 FPS. The more slow the molecule speed, the less bob back and over shower, the more productive the innovation will be.


Notwithstanding shower molecule speed, another trademark that influences firearms that utilization a ton of volume of air, for example, HVLP is air damming. Here I like to utilize the relationship of a 2′ high by 2′ wide by 2′ profound box and squares that are 1′ high by 1′ wide by 1′ profound. In this situation the container is within a bureau and the squares address a cubic foot of air from your firearm. Attempt to envision these squares of air as they leave the splash firearm and enter the container. At the point when you shower into the container you are filling it with the squares of air. Within region of the container can hold 8 cubic feet or 8 squares, however the firearm you are utilizing is putting out 20 cubic feet each moment or 20t squares each moment.


The outcome is that inside the space of seconds you are placing an excessive number of squares into the case and those additional squares are keeping you from placing in more squares and they are pouring out of control. The volume of air needs to head off to some place since it for the most part can’t go through the thing you are attempting to splash. The high volume of air from the firearm is forestalling more air and in particular, the covering from getting into the container. This is an illustration of air damming and the higher the volume of air the seriously damming you will get.


Notwithstanding air damming there is the issue of air disturbance. Disturbance results from unexpected shifts in twist course and speed. This makes the airplane ricochet and move quickly in bearings that are not expected. Anybody that has at any point flown in a plane or fly has likely experienced it direct. As the atomizing air leaves the shower firearm it starts to interface with the covering and the encompassing air in the climate making choppiness. Furthermore, the air and covering collaborate with the substrates’ math making vortexes and flows which add to the choppiness. All weapons make their own disturbance during atomization however firearms with high atomizing tensions or high volumes of air will make more choppiness than firearms that utilization low tensions and exceptionally low volumes of air.

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