Gas Airsoft Guns – Everything You Need to Know  

 Gas Airsoft Guns – Everything You Need to Know


Gas Airsoft guns are the ideal choice for hardcore Airsoft enthusiasts. They feature exceptional realism with their blowback models and high velocities with their no 38 special ammo n-blowback models. They use compressed CO2, propane, or green gas to propel BBs; the gas is usually stored in the stock or magazine of the gun. Once fired, a small amount of gas is released which thrusts the BB down the barrel of the gun and at the same time pushes back on the slide or bolt of then gun. This allows the user to operate the gun continuously without the need to cocking the gun in between shots, which is why all gas guns are either semi-automatic, fully-automatic or both.

Gas guns are the only type of Airsoft guns that feature a blowback system. Blowback is an imitation recoil effect that is as realistic as it gets with Airsoft guns. Every time the operator fires a shot, the compressed gas expands which propels the BB forward but pushes back on the gun against the operator as well. This creates the recoil effect; although not as powerful as the recoil on actual firearms, the effect is still extraordinarily realistic.

Gas non-blowback guns do not have the recoil effect of its counterpart, but uses the same compressed gas mechanism to shoot BBs. Because no energy is spent on the recoil, non-blowback guns generally shoot harder and faster than blowback guns. They also tend to operate better in hot and cold weather conditions.

Gas Airsoft guns are always fun to shoot. Although the gas itself can be expensive at times, gas guns are well worth the price. In the Airsoft world, they are the closest replicates of real guns out there.




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