Free Credit Bureau Report – The Truth Will Shock You

 Free Credit Bureau Report – The Truth Will Shock You


Most people never think about their credit scores until it is to late. I had a friend by the name of Julia who completed an application for an apartment. Terminated her lease on the old apartment, and was days away from moving in. Then the phone claim free kredit   rang! The apartment complex rejected her application due to her credit.

Julia called stressing out. She had know idea how to handle this unfortunate situation. I explained to her that, “The Fair Credit Reporting Act” allowed every American one copy of their report per year. After pulling her report Julia was shocked to find that not one of the negative marks on her report belonged to her.

I explained to Julia that the next step was to make sure that we identified each negative ding on her credit report. Once all negative marks have been identified, I advised Julia to go through her records and try to find any proof that would show that these were errors on her report.

Julia was almost ready to send off her letter of dispute. You must mail your letter of dispute by certified mail. This will be the only proof of the time and date in which you mailed your dispute claims.

By neglecting the aforementioned step could cost you dearly in the long run. The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate your claims. If they fail to do so during that time according to the law they must remove the marks in question. It is you that must have proof.

The goal of this article is simple. I want you to understand that you are entitled to a free credit bureau report. I decided to share this information by sharing a real life story of a close friend of mine. However I



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