Cartier – Men’s Cologne Guide

Cartier – Men’s Cologne Guide


Cartier Cologne for Men

Cartier mens cologne is well known for producing some of the finest mens cologne. Starting in 1981 with the release of Santos de Cartier the company built a reputation vanilla perfume for men  for crafting elegant men’s scents that are versatile and luxurious. Cartier fragrances provide a touch of class to each occasion, from daily wear at the office to a fabulous night out on the town with a wonderful woman. For example, a Cartier mens cologne like Declaration is versatile enough for daily use but wouldn’t be out of place at a special occasion. Pasha de Cartier on the other hand is such a luxurious fragrance that it is the cologne of choice for evenings and special events, yet a confident man could wear it to the office to make the big presentation.


Released in 1998, Declaration exhibits a woody, floral musk scent with topnotes of citrus, middle notes of pepper and cinnamon, and basenotes of amber, vetiver, oakmoss and cedar. Together these form a warm, soft, sexy and masculine scent, beautiful and sophisticated. This is a cologne that smells expensive, with a soft and subtle lingering note as it dries down.

Pasha de Cartier

Released in 1992, Cartier Pasha features an aromatic woody scent, with topnotes of mandarin orange and mint, middlenotes of coriander and rosewood, and basenotes of labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss. This cologne has a fresh, classically masculine scent that lends itself to special occasions and special evenings. It is a strong scent so apply sparingly.

Must de Cartier


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