Buying 2010 Christmas Toys Online Or Not? New Study Finds Buyers Want to Touch

 Buying 2010 Christmas Toys Online Or Not? New Study Finds Buyers Want to Touch


A new study by the California Institute of Technology suggests that people will pay as much as 50% for products they can feel and touch in a store than buying that sam Educational toys uk e product online. Andrea Morales, an associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University, believes that when you touch a product in person, you feel more connected with it.

So what does this mean for you if you want to avoid the madness of Christmas shopping at the mall and department stores? Will you be less satisfied if you buy your child’s 2010 Christmas toys online?

The reality is that there are limits when you shop at the mall and your local toy store. Here are three of the top reasons why people want to avoid toy stores at Christmas.

First, toys are in their boxes at the store. You really can’t open up the box and try the toy out before you buy it. There may be a demo toy on display which you can see, but many toys don’t have demos available.

Second, Christmas time brings a mad rush of shoppers for Christmas toys, especially the newest and hottest toys. There are long lines in the stores and impatient drivers on the road. Then, there is the hassle of arriving at the store to find out the last toy was sold just before you walked in. Can you come back in a week when the store has more? Maybe?

Third, unless you hit the stores early, you can miss the sale prices and pay full retail price for the hot, new Christmas toys.

So what about buying Christmas toys online? In a Chicago Tribune article, Jonathan Johnson, President of, commented that many more people are comfortable of buying without touching.



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