“Bride Wars” – The Friendship!

 “Bride Wars” – The Friendship!


The movie Bride Wars is a predictable but fun movie about two lifelong friends who get engaged at the same time. As their wedding plans progress, their friendship starts to fall liv @ mb condo apart. It is a great movie to remind brides about what is really important in life.

In the Bride Wars, we meet two women living in New York who have been friends since they were girls growing up together in New Jersey. Liv, played by Kate Hudson, is a Type A go-getter, with a successful law career. Her best friend Emma (Anne Hathaway) is a mild mannered beauty who teaches middle school. The girls are such close friends that their relationship means at least as much, if not more, than the ones they have with their boyfriends.

The defining moment of Liv and Emma’s friendship is when their mothers took them to tea at the Plaza Hotel when they were young girls. They witnessed a wedding taking place, and right then and there they both decided that the only wedding worth having is a June wedding at the Plaza. The radiant bride dropped a piece of her hair bridal jewelry – a blue flower hairpin- and it became a treasured memento for both Emma and Liv.

Fast forward two decades, and both women are living in New York with their serious boyfriends. Their friendship is as strong as ever, and when Liv discovers that she is about to become engaged (she find the little blue box!), Emma could not be more thrilled to be her maid of honor for what they both expect will be the most perfect wedding ever. However, before Liv’s boyfriend can actually pop the question, Emma’s boyfriend proposes to her. This sets off instant jealousy in Liv, and you can see the beginning of the competitive spark that will nearly destroy their friendship.

Once Liv gets her ring, both ladies trot off to the most fabulous wedding planner in New York, who tells them that there are two dates available for June weddings at the Plaza – perfect! However, trouble ensues when the planner’s assistant accidentally books both weddings on the same date. Suddenly the two best friends in the world become bitter rivals, as neither one is willing to change her wedding to another date or venue and abandon the dream of the June wedding at the Plaza.



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