Bridal Showers Not Just For Brides Anymore

 Bridal Showers Not Just For Brides Anymore



Wedding lore differs on the origins of the bridal shower. One has it that back in the days when weddings were arranged by families, a poor Dutchman fell in love with a girl whose average shower head height    father refused her a dowry. So, her friends showered her with enough gifts to help the couple start a household.

It was the end of the 19th century, another story goes, and a soon-to-be-married woman was at a party, during which friends surreptitiously placed small packages inside her parasol. When she opened it up, she was ‘showered’ with the gifts.

For the modern couple, “Jack and Jill,” or coed, showers are becoming increasingly popular; gifts and games should be geared to both genders. (Hey guys, that ‘s not so tough. What man wouldn’t enjoy opening a box of sexy lingerie to be worn by his new wife on their honeymoon?)

Because lifestyles are so varied, so too are the showers. For the bride and groom who already have their basic household needs, for example, a shower could be focused on services – gift certificates to restaurants, beauty or health and fitness salons.

These days – gourmet food, garden and recipe showers are among the more popular themes for prenuptial celebrations.

For a sophisticated couples shower, wine tasting is recommended. Guests bring bottles of wine and champagne as gifts; the hosts serve wine and cheese at the party.

One couple hosted a shower with a Las Vegas theme. T




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