Best Substrate For Bearded Dragon Lizards

 Best Substrate For Bearded Dragon Lizards


When choosing a substrate for bearded dragons there are several important factors to consider. The substrate should be one that will not cause the bearded lizard to become subject to impaction, which commonly occurs in the young reptiles when  best food cockatiels

sand is used as the substrate. The age of the bearded dragon must also be considered when choosing a substrate; different ages of bearded lizards are capable of living with different types of substrates. The substrate chosen should also be easily maintained and consistently available for use in the bearded dragon’s vivarium. For some, the price of the substrate is an important factor as the substrate must be frequently replaced to prevent the reptile from becoming sick. The best substrate choices are

Newspaper; One of the most readily available substrates is newspaper; newspaper is also one of the cheapest options for substrate. The only drawback to using newspaper is the lack of appearance, which also reduces the vivarium’s similarity to the natural habitat of the bearded dragon.

Ceramic Tiles; Ceramic tiles are another good substrate option, and they are easy to clean and maintain. One of the best benefits of using ceramic tiles is the heating ability of the tiles, which provides the optimum spot for bearded lizards to bask and sun bathe.

Shelf Liner; Another common substrate used is shelf liner, in a non adhesive form. Using substrate greatly reduces the risk of impaction in bearded dragons, making this a preferable substrate choice. The shelf liner also provides a better overall appearance than other substrates, like newspaper.

Reptile Carpet; There are several types of reptile carpet available, all of which are designed especially for use in reptile cages. The reptile carpet is cost effective and provides a great appearance in relation to the bearded dragon’s natural habitat.

Sand; Sand is a controversial substrate, though it is used by some bearded dragon pet owners. The main fear in using sand is the high risk of impaction, especially in the young. It has been reported that sand may be used for bearded dragons of all ages, though proper care and steps must be taken to ensure the bearded lizard may live with sand as a substrate.

There are many different options for choosing a substrate for one’s pet reptile, and there may be better or worse options than the previously mentioned substrates. The most important factor when choosing a substrate is the risk of impaction, which should be minimized by the substrate. It is also important to choose a substrate that is readily available and is inexpensive to discard and replace. The substrate should be composed of materials that bearded dragons may not eat; baby beard




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