Basic Computer Troubleshooting Tips to Try on Your Own

 Basic Computer Troubleshooting Tips to Try on Your Own


Anybody with a computer knows that computers are unpredictable. Before we are forced to call in an expert, there are a few things we can try on our own to get that compute sos, r to behave. Assuming you are a home user, here are some Basic Computer Troubleshooting Tips To Try On Your Own. This article may not help you to solve today’s problem, but it should help you with the overall troubleshooting process.

Keep in mind that there are many types of problems. They can be hardware related, software related or even network related. The first step to solving a computer problem is to pay close attention to any messages that are displayed. It is surprising how many people close the message boxes without really reading them. This is an important key. Often, the message will indicate the source of the problem. Many times, software is the culprit to a problem. Knowing what program is producing the message can be a big help.

If you still do not understand the message, go to the internet and type the message into your search box. Even experts use this tactic. You will be surprised by the amount of results. Chances are, there are dozens of other people experiencing the exact same problem.

Solving a computer issue can be similar to the work of a detective. Sometimes there is no message. In this case, ask yourself when the problem started and what were you doing. If your screen suddenly goes black and you just moved your computer, this can be a good indication that the plug or even the video card itself came loose.




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