Advertising Online For Free – 10 Things They Don’t Want You to Know

 Advertising Online For Free – 10 Things They Don’t Want You to Know


  1. Social Bookmarking
    These sites can get you a load of traffic as well as links to your site that will help with your “Search Engine Optimization” (getting into the search engines) You can find

list of the top 20 social bookmarking sites below:


Yahoo! Buzz

  1. Squidoo
    This is a good site that you can can submit content to. It was made by “Seth Godin” author of 20 books about internet marketing, the most famous are his “Unleashing the Ideavirus” and “Permission marketing”.

This site will allow you to setup a page that is called a lens. You are allowed to freely promote your own products or other peoples from this page. These pages rank well in the search engines so you can get a lot of free traffic if you do some keyword research before hand.

  1. Hub Pages
    This is similar to Squidoo and has the same

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    features except instead of lens you are creating pages called “Hubs” and the site creator is obviously a different person, these pages also rank very well in the search engines.

  2. Wet Paint
    This is the same concept as Squidoo and Hub Pages, but has a lot of features that these two websites don’t. It also ranks well in search engines and is worth syndicating your content to.



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