Advertising and the Public Relations Component – Good Book to Read

 Advertising and the Public Relations Component – Good Book to Read


It is my contention that every small business owner ought to have books on advertising, marketing, public relations, and promotion. After all, if you don’t advertise how good books to read  can you expect your future customers to know about the services and products which you provide? If you don’t invite them to come in and shop, or explain to them the value of those things which you provide, it’s doubtful they will ever show up with their money to make purchases.

Perhaps, it is for this reason that over the years I’ve collected and unbelievably huge library of nonfiction business books. Recently, I’ve been trying to go through all these books, and get rid of the ones I did not want. However, I still have stacks of books that I cannot afford to give away, because they’re just too important. When it comes to advertising and public relations there is a very good book which I’d like you to read. The name of the book is;

“Advertising and Public Relations,” by Toni Apgar

Although this book is over two decades old now, it’s probably one of the best books of its kind, and it doesn’t have all the hype that the newer business books have. It is my contention that this book should be used in colleges to teach the fundamental principles of advertising. The Public Relations component of this book is extremely interesting, and it ties in the interrelated workings of advertising.



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