Back in the USSR Boy, You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are Boy




Back inside the United States Scenic Region.


Oregon coast, tried it for three years. Sun and great breeze 10 days a 12 months. Rain or 40 mile in keeping with hour winds. 50 degrees, jacket every day. One season. No, three seasons: rainy or blustery or wet and blustery.


In the ones 3 years in Oregon I observed that I enjoyed John Day fossil beds (a 7 1/2 hour drive from wherein I lived), Smith Rock (a five 1/2 hour pressure), a few satisfactory Pacific dunes hikes (1 half of hour force), Blacklock Point mountain biking (a one hour force), Cape Blanco (with a nice lighthouse, a 1 hour power). A nice region north of Brookings (Samuel Boardman Park, 2 hour drive). Not tons for an avid biker and hiker, and generally too nasty outside to go anywhere. I lived on the fine southern coast! Blah. Depressing. Too lots green. Green all the time. Firs do not turn. Grey clouds, grey skies, sand and salt air. Oh, to be truthful, Newport has a pleasant Old Town. It’s windier there. Disclaimer: I do no longer paintings for Oregon’s tourism council.


Southern Utah. Sun and a nice breeze three hundred days a 12 months. No jacket within the summer season. Four seasons.


In one week I’ve located greater to do right here than in Oregon! And have not pushed extra than 5 mins. The recreational possibilities are innumerable and couldn’t probably be indexed right here. Reds, yellows, blues, and sure greens. Aspens flip within the fall. White pillow clouds in blue skies. Sand inside the hair.


Both Utah and Oregon have stunning  먹튀검증업체 mountain vistas. The Pacific Ocean is manner too bloodless to swim in and commonly too bloodless to examine. Utah has top notch desertscapes (with terrific historic Puebloan rock artwork and ruins) in addition to mountains. Oregon’s wasteland is drab with drab rock artwork and no ruins (the wind and salt and rain just ate that stuff up).


10 best things approximately Oregon: the southern coast, Bandon golfing (but unplayable), tidepools, Crater Lake, mushrooms, ocean sunsets, natural world, can and bottle refund money, rural avenue automobile travelling, casinos (nothing else to do typically but gamble).


10 satisfactory things about the southwest barren region: trekking, cycling (mountain and street), archaeology sources, sunsets and sunrises, barren region golf (exceptional vistas), geologic marvels, natural world, transition zones, automobile traveling, a mess of National Parks.


Seems about even however it is now not. The Utah wasteland has 100 quality matters.

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